​Sweetie - RIP Little One

On Saturday March 14th 2015, Keitha found her

forever family!

​The Power of Love – Keitha’s Story

Audree, a neglected girl suffering from an extreme case of mange and other medical issues .

 Audree was immediately sent to see our favorite vet clinic (For Pet's Sake) and was examined by Dr. Selena. 
As we suspected, her health issues are deeper than the skin. Audree does have a severe case of demodex mange, a secondary bacterial infection, and anemia. She also has entropy in both eyes (not one as originally thought) and a heart murmur. Dr. Selena believes there may be an underlying cause for the extreme mange reaction, swelling and inflammation, and "weeping" on her skin.

After her first long day in the ICU, she gave us the answers we needed. She responded to touch. She stretched to reach every hand that sought to pet her. She tried to lift her little head and met our eyes when we spoke to her – all in spite of the tubes and monitors. We knew she was a fighter, she was a survivor, and she would overcome her desolate beginning.  Keitha received visitors who spoke to her, held her, brought her toys, and let her know she was not alone, she was safe, and she was loved.

After five days, she was strong enough to leave the hospital and continue her healing in a Canine Cupids’ foster home.

Today, Keitha shows remarkable signs of improvement. She sits and eats  on her  own and maintains her blood pressure and body temperature. Her journey to completer recovery, however, has just begun. She will require continued care and veterinary monitoring until all of her levels are normal and  she reaches a healthy body weight.

​Mahatma Gandhi said, “…the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”

Initially, Keitha’s condition was grave. The neglect and exposure left her emaciated, unable to maintain her body temperature, dehydrated, and with low heartbeat and blood pressure. Her first day in the ICU involved blood tests, x-rays, nutrition supplements, hydration, heat therapy, and round the clock care.  The exceptional team at Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists had low expectations for Keitha’s survival. Her tiny body had little reserve to fight.

In the rescue world, these are among the most difficult situations. One question with many subsequent questions and implications: How far do we go for this one dog?

Twiggy's Story

We live in a disposable culture. If something is old, broken, or we simply don’t like it anymore, we throw it away and get a new one. A different one. A better one.

But when did the life of an animal become disposable? When did we decide that we could throw away our pets when they became too much work or we simply grew tired of them?

In the rescue world, these are stories we hear all too often. A dog found in a garbage can, by a dumpster, or in a box on the side of the road, wrapped in garbage bags or the remnants of an old blanket. One story tells of the dog thrown in the trash with his dog bed. Bait dogs tossed away, wounded, frozen, terrified, and confused.

The stories are horrific, sad, and alarmingly common. Neglect and abuse happens every day.

This little girl came to us with a severe case of demodex mange. It has taken most of her fur. Mange is a skin disease cause by skin mites commonly found on our canine friends. Under normal conditions, mothers transfer the tiny mites to their pups while nursing and cuddling and often do so without suffering any negative consequences. However, in the rescue world, where pups are taken from their mothers too soon, are malnourished, are neglected, or any combination of these, mange can become a serious problem quickly, as it did for Sweetie. Several days after Sweetie arrived with Canine Cupids, another fear arose: parvo. Confirmed by our vet, our little bald baby also has parvovirus.

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December 12, 2015

Oliver was found lying in an alley in Milwaukee.

The person that found him thought he was dead initially other than the slight opening of his eyes. He was too weak from starvation and dehydration to even pick up his head.

He's estimated to be 2 years old and he weighed in at 26 pounds when he should be about 65. And this picture is after he has gained 9 pounds since being in animal control for a week. He has large sores on his legs and paws from being in a crate 24/7 that was too small for him to stand in. He has small cuts and abrasions all over his tiny body. And he sprawls out on the floor whenever you move too fast or reach over his head as if he has been physically abused in the past. But he's sooo sweet! He loves to be held and sit in your lap and takes treats very nicely despite the starvation.

It's going to be a long road to recovery...


Parvo is a highly contagious and deadly virus that attacks the intestinal tract, and it can sustain itself without a host in an environment for a long time. Puppies are highly susceptible, especially those with already compromised immune systems. For Sweetie, this was not good news. So young and weakened by mange, our vet cautioned us to remain realistic about her chances of survival. When it comes to a dog’s life, we always take the long odds… Five days of attentive care by one of our favorite vets, Selina Temple at For Pets Sake clinic in Sturtevant and her AMAZING team, and Sweetie came home. She seemed to be getting better, eating,  getting stronger. However her immune system was so compromised that a horrible bacterial pyoderma infection and pneumonia set it. After days of trying to rebound from these new issues, SweeTee's body gave up. She stopped eating, Her temperature dropped to 95. We had to make the very hard decision to let her go and end her suffering. We are devastated, and she will be missed dearly. Run free SweeTee.

​Audree’s Story


Working together, we can save more dogs from the fate Keitha faced and give them the healthy, loving lives they deserve.

November 12, 2015
She smells, her bark is pathetic, every bone in her body is visible, she's covered head to toe with puncture wounds, there are scars on her face, her nails are over grown, there was dried poo everywhere, she's been bred who knows how many times... but you know what? None of that matters. Her personality is beautiful and she just wants to be loved....

Tonight, we washed away her terrible and unknown past with a nice warm bath. On to new beginnings!!

Canine Cupids couldn't

have done it without

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and rock star foster


Welcome to the

Canine Cupids family

Twiggy.  She has

gained 6lbs so far

since coming into

MADACC, but she

has a long way to go!


Enter Keitha. Gaelic for female warrior, Keitha is a tiny puppy that has suffered  the inexplicable cruelty of man. Found next to a dumpster during this bitter Wisconsin February, wrapped in nothing but a towel. No one knows how long she was there. We do know she was alone in the subzero temperatures amongst the trash. Emaciated, freezing, sick, and scared. The mind reels: who, why, did she ever know love, could she conceive of hope?

Challenge yourself to imagine your own pet: how confused, frightened, abandoned he would feel left alone in the cold and the dark. Ultimately, left to die. Impossible.

Thankfully, someone found Keitha and knew where to get her help.  

Canine Cupids knew upon seeing the first pictures of Keitha’s longing face that we needed to take action and not let her become a victim of her abandonment. she deserved the chance her deserters denied her – the chance to be well, happy, and loved.

Oliver's Story

The rescue world is a cooperative network of remarkable people working together to save those who cannot save themselves. We believe the positive energy, love, and prayers that surrounded Keitha contributed immeasurably to her survival and recovery.

Unfortunately, Keitha’s story is a common one, in Milwaukee and across the country. Many of Canine Cupids’ dogs come from equally tragic beginnings. Survivors like Audree, CJ, Melanie, Bridget, KO, Glimmer, and Atticus represent a just a small portion of the neglected and rejected animals, left to fight for their lives...or die trying.

These dogs were lucky. They became Cupids. Rescued by Canine Cupids, they received the medical care, rehabilitation, and love they desperately needed. Canine Cupids can see beyond the medical urgency, beyond the neglect, and gives homeless and neglected dogs in Milwaukee a chance at a full and happy life.

Neglect IS abuse, and Canine Cupids will continue its mission to protect and improve the lives of these dogs throughout Milwaukee. We will continue to be the voice for those who cannot speak, to protect the most helpless.

We ask you to join us in our mission.
Report animal cruelty, in all of its forms (see information below). Become a foster or volunteer with Canine Cupids. ​Adopt Local and Donate Local.

April 2016

McKenzie came to us weighing in at 10lbs. She is about 6 months old. She was emaciated and frail, her legs all warped and deformed.

Today she is becoming a happy healthy normal dog. She is almost 30lbs now!