The pink heart means that dog wants you all to themselves!

On April 28th  Sarah, surrounded by her Foster Family in their home was lovingly and peacefully assisted over the Rainbow Bridge. Sarah was very special and won the hearts of many. Special thanks to those who contributed to her care, inquired on her well being and held her close in mind and spirit during her final days.


AVAILABLE  for Adoption! Hondo!
This handsome fella is a 2 year old boxer mix with enough energy and love to fuel an army! From the moment you meet his silly smile, Hondo will have already won your heart.
Hondo is truly a miracle. Hondo’s previous family dropped him off at an animal control facility starving an in very bad physical shape. In addition, Hondo had no use of his back legs – it was unknown how this occurred, but we believe that it was not from birth. Canine Cupids brought him into rescue and since then, Hondo has shown us that he has a thrill for living! Hondo’s journey started with a visit to the rehabilitation specialist veterinarian. His first goal was to become healthy again. Once his medication started working, Hondo became stronger and stronger each day. With assistance from medical staff and his foster mom, Hondo learned to stand on his own. The fantastic folks at Gunnar’s Wheels donated a cart for Hondo that helped him re-learn how to use his legs with support. Then, the miracle happened about six weeks after Hondo joined the rescue. Hondo WALKED! It was like he knew how amazing he could be! Now Hondo is a healthy, happy boy that is passionate and full of joy. Although initially a little cautious, once Hondo gets to know you, he is all cuddles! Hondo will still need the use of his wheels (provided with adoption) for long adventures. Some additional support and home therapy will be needed daily to keep him strong and mobile.  Our team is still working on helping Hondo be the dog we all know he can be.

What is a "Courtesy Cupid"? Courtesy Cupids are beloved pets that need to be re-homed because of varied circumstances. They are living with their current families and are not part of the Canine Cupid foster system. Due to the third party nature of these courtesy postings, Canine Cupids makes no guarantee and claims no knowledge as to the accuracy of the information provided regarding the pet and cannot be held liable for any misrepresentation or misunderstanding between the current owner and the applicant. Cupids processes the application and screens the references provided as a courtesy to the family surrendering the pet. Applicants must fill out the online application in order to be placed in contact with the surrendering family. We encourage both parties to ask many questions and have detailed conversations regarding the animal's age, health, behavior, background, schedules, eating habits, sleeping habits, play styles or anything else that may assist in making a good match between the surrendered pet and the applicant.


NOTE: Visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of our adoptable Cupids we are only guessing at the predominant breed or breed mix. We think what is more important is to get to know each dog as an individual and then do our best to describe each of our adoptable Cupids based on their personality in order to determine if they will make a good companion based on your lifestyle. We don't like a dog to be "labeled." Dog behavior is not a breed thing exclusively. It is a complex mix of nature and nurture.