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Volunteer or Foster with Canine Cupids

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Without volunteers, especially foster homes, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for Canine Cupids to fulfill its mission. 

Volunteers are needed to assist with:

  • Foster Homes

  • Fundraising 

  • Walk and socialize dogs

  • Animal transports

  • Home visits

  • And more...

What qualities we look for in our volunteers:

  • Commitment - Volunteers have an initial commitment of one year and are asked to participate in a minimum of 20 hours per year at fundraising or adoption events.

  • Reliability - The animals are counting on us, and we in turn count on you. 

  • Patience - Whether you are working with people or animals, results are not always immediate - patience is absolutely a virtue. 

  • Honesty - Self explanatory. We will always be up front and honest, and absolutely expect the same from our volunteers.  



Are you considering fostering? Our foster program allows us to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home animals in need. Fostering allows you to help a dog that has nowhere else to go. You will be able to have a direct effect on setting your foster on the path for a new and wonderful life. The feeling of satisfaction over doing something good is a wonderful reward.

Due to logistical reasons, all foster homes should be located within 45 miles of the greater Milwaukee Area. If you are not within our geographical area or able to foster, but would like to volunteer, please submit a  volunteer application  for more information about helping at any of our upcoming events. 



How can I become a foster home? 

If you are interested in fostering for CC, please fill out our online application. Once your application is reviewed one of our foster coordinators will reach out.

What are the requirements to foster?

All volunteers and fosters as well as family members must pass a background check. All animals in the home must be fixed and up-to-date on vaccinations. All fosters must also pass a home inspection. If you rent you must have landlord approval. We do not require a fenced-in yard.

How do I get assigned my foster? 

We work with our foster to homes to find a dog based on what best fits their lifestyle and preference.

Will I be financially responsible for anything? 

Canine Cupids will cover the expense of vet care, food, and other needed supplies for your foster dog. We often tell people that you supply the shelter and love, and we cover the rest.

How long will I have my foster? 

It depends. On average, fosters stay in our care for less than a month or two before they are placed in their forever homes. We have had some dogs for less than 2 weeks, some for close to a year.  


What role does a foster play in the adoption process?

Foster homes are part of the entire adoption process for their foster dogs and their input around placement of the dog is welcomed and expected. You are asked to provide insight to the dog’s behavior, attitude and temperament so that we can place him or her in the proper forever home.  We will ask you to talk to potential adopters and ask your opinion on the fit of your foster with the applicant. If you have a meet and greet, your impressions on the “fit” of that dog with the family are a part of the approval process. We ask our foster homes to help keep an updated bio and lots of pictures to assist with marketing of their dog.

What do I need to foster? 

  • Large amounts of patience and love.

  • A willingness to accept a rescue dog as part of your family.

  • The willingness to evaluate temperament and reinforce basic commands (sit, stay, come).

  • A schedule that allows you to exercise the dog regularly and a safe place for the dog to stay while you are gone.    


How can I help acclimate my foster dog into my home? 

We are firm believers of decompression time and slow introductions. A crate or a separate room is always a good idea when acclimating a new dog into your home. You will be assigned a Foster Coordinator when you first join the group to get you familiar with the process and answer any of your questions. We also have a larger volunteer group that can help with questions.   

What if I want to adopt my foster dog?

Foster homes have the option to adopt their foster animals. The adoption process is followed for all foster homes, families, or friends. 

What if the dog doesn’t get along with my other dogs? 

If the foster dog is not able to get along with your other dogs, cats, or family members, we would work to place the dog in another home. Please understand if this situation occurs, that this may take some time as most of our foster homes are full. While we are working to find another foster, it is extremely important to keep all the pets and family members safe which may mean separating them in a different room, in a crate, using baby gates, etc.   


What are the advantages and disadvantages to fostering? 

The advantages are that you are providing a valuable service; you are saving a dog’s life. Fostering is a way to enjoy companionship without making a lifelong commitment. You would be helping to rehabilitate a dog that may have been abandoned, neglected or even abused. It is also very rewarding to see a dog you have cared for, placed in a loving permanent home! You will also make some wonderful friends along the way. Many forever families will continue to send you updates and photos, year after year. The disadvantages are that it is very easy to get attached to the dog you foster and it can be hard to see them go. Of course, if you decide your foster dog is “THE ONE” for you, adoption is always an option.   

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