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HoHoHome for the Holidays Campaign

Canine Cupids is a 100% foster home-based rescue. This means that we can only rescue as many dogs as we have homes available. Will you help us get all of our current fosters adopted and in their furever homes for the holidays so that we can make space to pull more dogs from the overcrowded shelters?

How can you help?

Expand the headings below to learn more about each. The social media heading has pre-scripted text and photos you can use to help chare our Cupids!

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We have pre-scripted posts with pictures for you to share below, but you are welcome to

write your own too. We just ask that you keep the link to the adoptable’s bio so that anyone who sees your post can easily access the bios. Share these from your personal Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Share them to dog-loving groups that you are in. Or even text or direct message friends and family that you know are looking for a new furbaby. To download the image click on it to expand it and then save it.

Tik Tok Users: You can now follow us on Tik Tok! Make sure to follow Canine Cupids and then feel free to send videos to all your friends looking for new fur-family members.

Baby Bear | 1.5 yo | Female Baby Bear is hoping she’ll be in her forever home when Santa visits on Christmas Eve. Her wish list includes treats, toys, tennis balls, cozy blanket, and more treats. Bear is an 18 month old pitbull/boxer mix with super soft fur and the most amazing ears. She’s about 40 pounds, but thinks she’s a petite lap dog who loves to cuddle and nap with her people. She is house-trained and crate-trained and often chooses her crate for naps when the resident humans are working at home or at school. You can read Baby Bear’s full profile and apply to adopt her here:

Davey | 2 yo | Male Davey is a sweet boy that is still looking for his furever home. He hopes to be able to spend this coming holiday (and every holiday after) in his furever home. Davey loves to snuggle and be near his people. His holiday wish list for a furever home includes: people that spend almost all of their time with him and who want to go on lots of runs, walks, or hikes with him. You can read more about Davey and apply to adopt him here:

Dottie | 2 yo | Female

Little Dottie doesn’t know why she doesn’t have a furever home for the holidays yet. She is the perfect pocket pittie size and fits well in most laps, which is where she would ideally like to be. Dottie’s holiday wish list for her furever family includes: a family of snugglers, a yard she can run around and do zoomies in, and toys that she needs to solve to eat her dinner from. Dottie is crate-trained and would do well with a very playful fur-sibling. You can read Dottie’s full bio and apply to adopt her here:

Mighty | 3.5 yo | Male Mighty knows he just has to be on Santa’s nice list this year. He has been doing great with his foster family, but has been there for over two years. He would love to find his furever family for the holidays. Mighty’s holiday wish list for his furever family includes: a patient family that will work with him on training and understand his quirks, no other fur-siblings, and a yard where he can help you garden, weed, and take care of those pesky spare sticks. You can read Mighty’s full bio and apply to adopt him here:

Morocco | 1 yo | Male We’re not sure why this handsome boy has been overlooked, but we know his perfect family is out there. Morocco’s holiday wish list for his furever family includes: at least one other dog that he can romp around with, an active family or one that will let him go to daycare, and then a couch to come home to and snuggle his humans on. You can read Morocco’s full bio and apply to adopt him here:

Rosemary | 6 yo | Female Sweet Rosemary (or Rosie as her foster family affectionately calls her) has been dreaming of sugar plums and furever homes. Her holiday wish list for her furever family includes: lots of bones to chew on (the fake ones are fine too), a family that will go on walks with her or run around with her in the backyard, and, most importantly, a family filled with love just for her. You can read Rosie’s full bio and apply to adopt her here:

Sylvie | 8 yo | Female

Sylvie may not have long enough legs to keep up with the other reindeer, but that doesn’t mean she won’t try! This little chunk of love has quite a bit of pep in her step yet for an older gal. Sylvie’s holiday wish list for her furever family includes: someone that loves walks as much as she does, extra treats throughout the day, and a family that will love her as much as she will love them. You can read Sylvie’s full bio and apply to adopt her here:

Theo | 5 yo | Male Theo is making his own list and checking it twice. He’s pretty sure his holiday wish list for a furever family includes: a buddy to play and snuggle with, a family that will love him and help build his confidence, and a few extra treats here and there wouldn’t hurt either. You can read Theo’s full bio and apply to adopt him here:

Zena | 1 yo | Female

All Zena wants for Christmas is you! …well and a few more things maybe. Zena’s holiday wish list for her furever family includes: a fur-sibling (or two) to play with, a family that’s not stingy on the treats, and lots and lots of love. You can read Zena’s full bio and apply to adopt her here:

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