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October 2022: Black Dog & Pit Bull Awareness Month

October 1 is Black Dog Awareness Day and the whole month of October is Pit Bull Awareness Month. Because we don't think one day is enough, help us celebrate both types of dogs all month by adopting or sharing the adoptable Cupids that fit in these buckets.

Black Dog Awareness Day

Black dogs are often passed over at shelters and in rescues. This can be because their expressions are harder to read or because they can be more difficult to good get photographs of. But that doesn't mean they aren't as amazing as all the other dogs out there! We hope you'll take a second look at our black dogs that are currently available for adoption by reading the full bios of Maximus, Bella, and Morocco. You can also join us on Facebook and/or Instagram all month (even though we know it's just supposed to be one day) to learn more about each of these dogs.

Pit Bull Awareness Month

Canine Cupids is an all-breed rescue, which includes pit bull type dogs. These dogs often come with unfortunate stereotypes that just aren't true. At Canine Cupids our founding principle is that "ALL dogs are individuals and deserve to be regarded as such." This mindset is at the core of the belief system at the Animal Farm Foundation. We hope you'll join us on Facebook and/or Instagram this month to help us spread the word. And if you're looking to adopt a dog, please consider reading the full bios of our pit bull type dogs to see if that individual dog is a good fit for you! You can see our full list of adoptable dogs on our "Adopt" webpage.

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